i became interested in photography as a child, playing with my uncle's cameras whenever i visited him. i also used to make pinhole cameras as a grade school student & then started making them with my own students when i was an art teacher.

i feel the best stories to tell come from the heart and everyone has something hidden that is bursting to come out. i feel i can touch something within each person who views my work. for me, i see the real person when i create my fetish images. the real person comes out thru their alter ego.

since i am a lifestyle player, when i shoot i see fetish from the inside & try to convey the emotions as well as the visuals.

i tied up my first "girlfriend" when i was six on the school bus and from that moment on i knew i was "different". i have been a student and educator of BDSM including but not limited to age play, pony play, corporal, discipline, pain for pleasure play as well as a kinbaku artist (japanese bondage). i consider myself a top and some consider me their dominant.


this is my vision of fetish...


   if you would like to model for me please drop me a line.  i am working on a number of projects that may interest you.  no experience required. lochai@kirinawa.com

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