The PERFECT bathroom book!

"Occupied... fetish images for private viewing" is a fetish look into the most private room in the home, the bathroom.

32 beautiful models..... 74 striking B&W images all captured by the fine art fetish photographer Lochai. Internationally known for his kinbaku bondage images, this is his first published view of his "other" fetish images.

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Thomas S. Roche, editor eros-zine

Speaking of Lochai, the rigger and bondage photographer joins the photo book showcase with a surprising and disarming document, Occupied. If you're familiar with Lochai, it may surprise you to learn that Occupied is not a showcase of the photographer's amazing and intriguing bondage images, but a fetish exploration of that most private room in all homes -- that's right, the bathroom. Sound like an improbable topic for a fetish book?

Maybe, maybe not. As an occasional fetish photographer, I can vividly imagine how the idea for this book took shape: we photographers spend a hell of a lot of time hanging out in hotel rooms, residences, lofts, studios and other locations while our models primp and preen and get themselves as exquisitely perfect as a fetish model is expected to be. This book focuses partly on that process -- but with a subtlety that conjures a strangely enlightening sensibility. Most if not all of the images stand brilliantly on their own merits, but as part of this inspired assemblage, they create a lush sense of the playfulness and energy that informs the world of fetish photography. It's a wonderful and engaging collection of photographs, as sexy as it is illuminating.

Fantastic talent, a must-have book by Victoria E

"Lochai is a wonderful man to shoot with. It was a honor to work with him & Janice, a chance that I would do again in a heartbeat. (In case anyone is curious, I'm the girl in the shower, about to lick the vibrating duck ... yup, that's me, woohoo!)"

Fresh look at fetish by John Andrews

"What a different look at fetish! The images are beautiful, energetic & fun all at the same time. I will never enter my bathroom without seeing it in a "different light" Lochai has an eye for beauty in a genre that is thought to be more "sex" than fine art. Well this book proves that fetish fits in the fine art section of the book store! This book is a MUST PURCHASE book for yourself as well as for a good friend!"

Introducton by Graydancer

"Lochai disgusts me."

"I came to this realization last fall at the Austin Rope Symposium. I was sitting in the audience as he presented a slideshow of his new work, image after image in black and white showing the kind of casual elegant composition that, like good makeup, you don't really notice because it simply looks right. He was bantering with the audience as they gave their reactions to the images, and the room was filled with laughter mixed with appreciative gasps as the next image would come up."

more in the book...

Graydancer is a rope artist and podcaster whose work can be found at He interviewed Lochai for the February 1, 2006 show, which can be found in his archive.


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This otherwise sold out issue of SECRET Magazine is a special edition. If you are into shibari or rope art this is the issue you want to have.

* Rich fine art portfolio from the international photographer and rope artist Lochai. (Me)

* Shibaricon 04 is covered by the fine art photographer Valerie Place

* Article & shibari photos from the Fetish Diva Midori!

This issue also has fine art photo portfolios by....
* Clearwater
*Ben Marcato
*Stefan DeLay
*Jeffery Scott
*Kevin Hudsnurscher

This issue is no longer available from the publisher & has sold out from all the bookstores...
I have the only available copies!

If you are into fine art fetish photography & the Japanese rope art of shibari this is a must have issue...



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